Damn, we love beer.

So, we’re constantly brewing up a rotating cast of Common Good originals. But beer’s a social thing. It’s about community. So we also contract brew a lot of your local favourites, all of which are available in our Craft Brew store. Because really, the more beer, the better.

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The Sociable Pilsner

4.9% alc.
26 IBU

You know who’s having a good time? The Sociable Pilsner is, that’s who. In the style of the traditional German Pilsners we revere, this fella’s light and crisp with an elegant (Citra) hop note.

In our craft beer store.

Small Batch Series #2

Brown Ale

7.0% alc.

September 2016

Small Batch Series #5

Cascade Dry-Hopped Belgian Pale Ale

4.9% alc.

December 2016

Small Batch Series #7

American Pale Ale

4.9% alc.

33 IBU

Collaboration Yorkshire Red Ale

Brewed with Lost Craft


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About Us

What We Do

Yes, we’re a brewery. But the difference between us and other breweries is right there in our name: Common Good. We believe that the craft beer community is stronger if we all band together. So we’re also a contract brewery.

We built our brewery with enough capacity to help local craft brewers keep up with demand for their excellent beer. And we brew their beer with the same passion and respect as we brew our own.

Why We Do It

We’d like to say we live and breathe beer. Frankly, though, if we breathed it, we’d probably be in a bad way pretty quick. So let’s just say we love it. And really, our story is as simple as that. We’re two guys who love beer and thought that there might just be room in the world for a few more great beers. To be true, though, our ambition goes a bit beyond just brewing our own beer. We humbly believe that maybe, just maybe, our approach to brewing might just be of some benefit to our little corner of the beer world. We figure if we can play a small role in strengthening the craft brewing community, it’s not just good for all us little guys, it’s good for beer lovers and just plain old good for beer.

The Partners

Jamie Mistry
With a Masters of Brewing and Distilling Science from Heriot Watt in Edinburgh and 25 years of brewing experience with some of Ontario’s most venerated craft brewers, there’s really no reason to even finish this sentence.

Scott White
After 20 years on Bay St, Scott wakes up every day with a big grin on his face, knowing that his passion for home brewing, the craft brewing community and the glorious scent of brewing beer lead him to a world in which he never has to wear a bloody tie ever again.

Contract Brewing

Brew some beer with us.

If you currently brew beer and need help brewing more, would like to talk to us about starting to brew your own beer, or have a wealthy uncle who would like to bankroll your dream of being a beer baron, please get in touch at your nearest convenience.

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100% Cotton. 
Styles for both male and female dudes.

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